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Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can have devastating effects on your life. Diabetes can lead to stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and many other health issues. The first key to battling diabetes is knowing that you have it.

If you are aware you have diabetes, you need to make sure you are properly maintaining the disease.

At Labs+ in Louisville, we want to help you stay healthy. That's why we offer various diabetes-related lab tests at prices you can afford. If you find the test you need at a lower price from a local or online lab facility, we will meet or beat that price! 

Our medical professionals will explain your test results and offer guidance for your next step. Call 502-244-8746 to schedule an appointment today.

Diabetes Screen and Maintenance Panel

(Fasting Required - 12 Hours)

This panel will show if you have diabetes, and if you do, it will evaluate how well your diabetes is being maintained.

The tests in this diabetes panel include:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Serum (Fasting)
  • Diabetic Urinalysis
  • Glucose
  • Hemoglobin A1c

** Additional tests to consider: Glucose, Serum; HgbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c); General Wellness Check; Complete Health Profile.

Glucose (Serum) Test

(Fasting Required - 12 Hours)

This test, also known as the Fasting Blood Glucose Test, is commonly used to test for diabetes, high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Please note this test requires fasting before you are tested. Do not eat 12 hours before this test to ensure its accuracy.

** Additional tests to consider: HgbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c); Diabetes Screen and Maintenance Panel; Complete Health Profile.

HGBA1C (Hemoglobin A1C) Test 

This test measures blood sugar levels over a six to twelve week period. This is a good test to monitor how well a person is controlling his or her diabetes.

** Additional tests to consider: Glucose, Serum; Diabetes Screen and Maintenance Panel; General Wellness Check; Complete Health Profile.

C-Peptide, Serum Test 

This test will determine how much insulin is being made in the body. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body use and control sugar.

** Additional tests to consider: Chemistry Panel; General Wellness Check; Complete Health Profile.

Stay Healthy with These Affordable, Quick Diabetes Tests

Don't let diabetes beat you.

Labs+ will match or beat the prices that other blood testing labs charge for these same tests. Unlike those other facilities, we also offer guidance from true medical professionals.

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