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"A child miseducated is a child lost." – John F. Kennedy

Drugs and alcohol abuse can hinder a child's or adult's education.

Also, the health of teachers can play an important role in proper education.

At Labs+ in Louisville, we offer various lab tests that can be used in the educational system. You can make your school stronger – and safer – with one or more of the tests below.

  • Alcohol Effect Panel
  • Blood Alcohol Level
  • Drug & Alcohol Screen
  • Drug Screen (Hair)
  • Drug Screen (Urine)
  • Basic Health Check
  • Cardiac Risk Panel
  • Fatigue Panel
  • Health Panel Female
  • Health Panel Male

At Labs+ we care about our local Louisville community – especially our schools. Let us help you determine what tests you need for your staff and students. We understand that budgets are tight, which is why we will meet or beat the lab test prices of any of the local or online lab testing facility. You don't have to worry about being overcharged for these tests!

Learn more about lab tests that can benefit your school and your students by calling 502-244-8746.

Keeping a Drug-free School Zone

It's an unfortunate fact that drug abuse is a growing epidemic among US teens. Students who use marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, or any number of illegal drugs may:

  • Disrupt classes for other students and teachers
  • Not learn and may eventually drop out
  • Cause harm or create unsafe school environments

If you suspect drug abuse by a student, teacher, or other school staff member, consider a fast, accurate drug test.

Learn more about the drug tests available at Labs+ in Louisville.

Dealing with Alcohol Abuse

Although alcohol is a legal substance (although not for teens), it can seriously impair your ability to perform everyday tasks and can cause serious health issues.

If you suspect that one of your students is struggling with alcohol abuse, consider one of our alcohol screens. It can protect the safety of your school and possibly save the lives of your students.

Learn more about the alcohol tests Labs+ offers.

Healthy Teachers for a Strong Education

If teachers are suffering from health issues – especially issues they are not aware of – they may not be able to give your students the full attention they should. By incorporating a wellness program at your school – or even just requiring employees to undergo basic health checks – you can help your teachers stay (or get) healthy.

Some tests you should consider include:

Other health and wellness tests are available. Speak with one of medical staff to find out which tests could best serve you.

Learn More about Lab Tests for Schools

Our Louisville schools are important components to our community. At Labs+ we want to help you make your school the best it can be. Call 502-244-8746 or stop by our testing facility at 406 Blankenbaker Parkway Suite E to speak with one of our medical professionals to learn which tests would best benefit your school.