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Get the Evidence You Need to Support Your Legal Case

High-quality Lab Tests to Present in Your Court Case

As an attorney trying to win your legal case, you need indisputable evidence in order to win. At Labs+ in Louisville, we can provide you with lab tests that will stand up in court.

The medical team at Labs+ can help you find the best tests for your particular case. Also, we will work with your clients and witnesses to help them through the process. Our team will:

  • Collect the blood, urine, or saliva needed for the appropriate test
  • Explain the procedures and outcomes to you and your client
  • Quickly provide you with the results you need for your case

Our medical staff is available to answer your questions about the feasibility of these lab tests and to make suggestions regarding the best blood tests to support your legal case.

Call 502-244-8746 or stop by our office at 406 Blankenbaker Parkway, Suite E in Louisville to discover how our lab tests can support your legal case.

Family Law Lab Tests

Paternity and maternity lawsuits … child custody and support battles … divorce filings … domestic violence cases … all of these cases make family law a sensitive area.

As a family law attorney, you need a strong case to protect your clients and their rights. The more facts you have on your side, the stronger your case will be.

Get the support you need for your family law cases with lab work, including:

Contact our Louisville office to learn more about how our lab tests can support your family law case.

Criminal Law Lab Tests

As a criminal law defense attorney or a prosecuting attorney, you need the strongest case possible to ensure a guilty or not guilty verdict.

The lab tests at Labs+ can provide the undisputed evidence you need. We offer:

These and many other lab tests are available for your criminal law case. Call 502-244-8746 to learn more about our court-ready test results.

Personal Injury Law Lab Tests

Injuries caused by the actions or negligence of another can have life-long effects on your client's quality of life. You need the strongest case possible to prove your personal injury case.

At Labs+, we offer various tests that can support your personal injury lawsuit, including:

To learn more about the available tests to support your personal injury lawsuit, call or stop by the Louisville location of Labs+.

The Best Price for Reliable Lab Tests When You Need Them

Your case is important and you can't waste time looking for the lowest price or the lab hours that work best for you. Labs+ will meet or beat the cost of any reputable local or online lab testing facility. If you find a lower price, let us know and we will guarantee the same price or lower. Labs+ also offers after-hours lab testing when you absolutely need a blood draw right now! Call 502-244-8746 to schedule a test.

If you don't see a test you are looking for, let us know. This website does not list all of the lab work we offer. We can order most lab tests that you will need.