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Create a Healthy & Drug-Free Work Place

Drug & Alcohol Screens and Wellness Checks for Your Louisville Employees

To successfully run your company, you need your employees to be healthy and drug free. But how can you be certain that your workers are taking their health – and your business – as seriously as you are?

By working with Labs+ in Louisville, you can conveniently test your employees not only for drugs and alcohol in their system, but also for general health checks and contamination from heavy metals.

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Affordable Lab Tests for Employers - As Low as $39

As a smart business owner or manager, you don't want to spend more than necessary; however, you understand the importance of value.

At Labs+, we will meet or beat our Louisville lab test competition's prices and the prices of online lab testing facilities. And, at Labs+, you not only get the tests, but you (and your employees) can get explanation of the test results from a medical professional - at no additional cost.

If you need multiple tests or are unsure what lab work will best suit your needs, please contact our Louisville office. We will be happy to discuss the tests and their pricing. Below is just a small sample of the lab tests we offer.

  • Alcohol Effect Panel
  • Basic Health Check
  • Drug & Alcohol Screen
  • Drug Screen
  • Drug Screen (Hair)
  • Drug Screen (Urine)
  • Blood Alcohol Level
  • Heavy Metal Panel
  • General Wellness Check Female
  • General Wellness Check Male
  • Heart Healthy Screening

Keeping Your Company Drug and Alcohol Free

You want to produce quality products and/or provide excellent service to your customers. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse can hinder your employees' ability to perform at the level you require.

If you need to test a prospective employee prior to hiring or if you want to spot check your current employees, the blood and alcohol screenings offered at Labs+ are all you need.

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Learn more about our drug tests and alcohol screenings.

Have Your Employees Been Exposed to Toxins?

Heavy metals and toxins are – unfortunately – a reality in certain industries. Toxic exposure isn't always easily spotted, but it can cause damage to your lungs, kidneys, and other parts of your body.

If you believe you or your employees have been exposed to heavy metals or other toxins, you should consider a heavy metal panel. Don't risk your health – or the health of your employees.

The heavy metal panel will check for levels of:

  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Zinc

Higher than normal levels of these toxins could indicate lead poisoning or other health-altering exposures.

Keeping Your Team Healthy

A healthy team is a productive team. If you are concerned about the general health of your employees or if you want to institute a wellness program at your company, consider the following tests for your employees:

Quick Results to Remove Your Doubts

Time is money. At Labs+ in Louisville, you won't have to wait long for your tests. You will have results back quickly. We also offer after-hours lab testing if you need a test performed outside of our regularly scheduled hours of operation. Need a test right now? Give us a call!

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